The friendship.

When she came back into my life,

It was a great welcoming.

We had both grown up since college.

We were both married.

And we each had a child.

She spoke highly of her husband.

She loved her new babe.

She was glad to be living back in her hometown.

She was happy.


She invited my family to dinner at her home.Image

We would get to meet her husband for the first time.

She and my husband were already fast friends.

They remembered each other from high school.


Her home was beautiful.

She was a gracious hostess.

As I knew she would be

She was also a terrific cook.


It was a warm summer’s day.

Some of us were on the deck,

Some in the house

The children kept us all busy.


I found myself in the kitchen

As she busied herself with hostess duties,

I thought I could help out somehow.


I stood at the sink washing a pot.

He came up behind me

Slowly he pressed his body to mine

As I leaned my head back to his chest

I saw red.

My senses were alerted.


My husband was not wearing red!


My immediate reaction…

My elbow shot back quick and hard.

I heard the air escape his lungs.

I spun around

He had disappeared.

She walked into the kitchen.

‘You ok?’ she asked.

I just nodded.  I couldn’t speak.


Her husband was a cheat.

He was not the man

She believed him to be.

How could I possibly tell her?


Time passed.

We became very close.

Her happiness was a draw.

Spending time with her was easy and enjoyable.

She added to my life.

We had a lot of fun together.


One day she confided in me.

She told me her husband had an affair.

It was early on in their marriage.

The affair had gone on for over a year.

She believed him when he said it was over.

As it turns out,

The affair never ended.

He was leaving her for another.


She was hurt.

She felt betrayed.


He was walking away

From both his wife and his son.


She was a wonderful, loving Mom to her son.

Her baby was her whole world.

She was a great friend to me.

My daughter loved her.

She became a part of my family.


During the five years of their separation

He continued to manipulate her.

He toyed with her emotions

And he broke promise after promise.

He was abusive and controlling.

He did not care about her at all.


She shared everything with me.

I was honest with her in return.

He was not going to change.

She deserved so much more.


The day she came to my workplace

I knew immediately why she had come.


She was going back to him.

He vowed to be faithful.

He wanted to be with his son.

He bought them a house…three hours away.


We both struggled to keep our tears from spilling.

We knew we were saying good bye.

We knew our friendship would need to end.

I couldn’t take back the words I had said.


Her happiness was very important to me.

But my heart was breaking,

I knew he didn’t love her like he should.

I knew he would hurt her again.


And he did.


About inevertoldher

I love my kids, my husband, my four cats and my sister...not necessarily in that order. Writing, singing (poorly but loudly) and laughing keep me happy. When I eat well, exercise and post daily...I am at my best.
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  1. exquiste- I really must write in this format more often, it really works .. I have used it maybe 20 times

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