The real post.


January’s NaBlopomo has come to an end.

I pat myself on the back

Yep, thirty-one consecutive posts…



As I sign up for February’s NaBloPomo

A couple of thoughts occur to me.

First one:

NaBlopomo sure helped January fly by,

And the F month will require the same support

With this winter weather 2014 is dishing out. 

Second thought:

This one came in reaction to

finding a box full of letters in my closet. 

Every letter is from Nana. 

Letters to me and to my children over the years. 

Nana is the original NaBloPomo of my life.

She wrote a letter every day to someone for eighty years.

I graciously received a letter a week for thirty of those years. 

My children learned letter writing,

How to address a letter,

How to purchase and apply postage,

And…how great it is to get a letter in the mail!

All from their Great Nana. 


I have written to Nana too,

But, honestly, never with the same commitment.

At one hundred and one years of age

Nana still loves to receive a letter. 

With her poor hearing,

Keeping up with me and mine

Is much easier for her via reading. 


I shall make Nana my February NaBloPomo recipient. 

Each story I write,

Each time I post,

I will also write to Nana. 

I will mail seven letters each week to her. 


Perhaps this will help the days pass for her.

Perhaps my letters will ease away the winter blues.

I know she will love them.

I know she misses me. 

I know, because I miss her every day. 

I hope my letters will make her feel loved. 

I hope my letters give her something to look forward to. 

I shall begin today. 

I feel a lift to my spirit just thinking about this plan. 

It is a good plan.


Is there someone you know who would benefit from a written note? 

Perhaps we could start a movement,

Of reaching out to our non-cyber loved ones,

With letters.  


Let me know if you join me in this effort.

I would love to hear the stories that come as a result of these letters. 

Let’s change the F month from

Formidable to Fantastic for someone we care about. 






About inevertoldher

I love my kids, my husband, my four cats and my sister...not necessarily in that order. Writing, singing (poorly but loudly) and laughing keep me happy. When I eat well, exercise and post daily...I am at my best.
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