The bay.


Warm and windy.

It is always windy here.

But that is part of the draw. 

Never too hot or humid.

The wind makes sure of that. 

The perfect summer holiday location.


She has wanted me to come for years.

She and her family loved it there.

We finally agreed.

She organized our first family vacation.

Organizing has always been her thing. 


The cottage we was huge.

Certainly, big enough for both of our families.

It had everything we needed.

The kitchen was stocked.

Bunk beds amused the children.

A huge dinner table.

Comfy, worn living room furniture.

Books filled this room.

Creating a homey atmosphere.

The deck was spacious.

The bathroom was functional, fine, gross actually,the worst

The bathroom had a toilet…


The best part about the cottage was the dock.

We all loved the dock. 

We spent all of our time on the dock.


As each afternoon came to an end,

It was time to get the pretzels. 

As soon as the kids saw the pretzels,

The excitement would begin.


Standing on the dock,

We would all hold a pretzel in our hand

And raise it above our heads.


Within seconds they would come. 


Their arrival elicited squeals from the children.

The seagulls would circle us, waiting. 


The children would get nervous.

They would quickly drop their pretzel and sit down

Huddled together under the protection of a beach towel

They would watch me feed the seagulls. 


The first thrown pretzel would mark the start.

Four or five of the bravest,

Would hover over my head.

The closer the seagulls came to me,

The louder the children squealed.


No matter how strong the wind,

The birds could hover in one spot,

Waiting for their reward. 


I would throw the pretzel straight up,

One by one.

Each seagull would catch it in their beak.

With amazing accuracy. 

They took turns as the feast went on.


Not wanting to miss the show,

But fearful of getting pooped on,

The children cheered me on,

From underneath their towel. 


With the last pretzel thrown,

The seagulls flew off. 

Our fun was over for today. 

(Much to the disgust of the local residents)

We would do it all again the next day. 



About inevertoldher

I love my kids, my husband, my four cats and my sister...not necessarily in that order. Writing, singing (poorly but loudly) and laughing keep me happy. When I eat well, exercise and post daily...I am at my best.
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