The first time.

I credit Walt Disney,

For her love of drama.

And Barney,

For her love of song. 


The poison apple scene,

In Disney’s Snow White                                                                                          

Was her first dramatic performance.               Image

The kiss of life,

Her second. 


She would change into her favourite dress. 

She had to be wearing a ‘costume’.

Proudly , yet shy about the attention it caused,

She would become Snow White. 


Reciting the lines by memory.

The apple would be bit,Image

And she would collapse to the floor.                                                                            

She knew to hold still for several seconds,

For dramatic pause.  


She performed this scene;

Queen:  It’s apple pies that make the menfolks’ mouths water. 

[presenting the poisoned apple to Snow White]

Pies made from apples like these. 

Go on, Go on, have a bite? 

Snow White:  Oh, they do look delicious. 

Nearly daily. 

Playing both characters. 

In her third year of life. 


Snow White’s kiss required assistance. 

She would call on her Dad.

He would lie down.

She would recite the lines,

And then kiss her Dad’s lips. 

The expression on her face was the best. 

She was Sleeping Beauty

And he really was her Prince. 


The dramatic pause,

Which her Dad had been directed to follow,

Would end with ‘the giggle.’

Her response to his eyes popping open.

It was the same,

Each and every performance. 


She sang as soon as she could speak.

If she wasn’t singing,

She was humming.


She asked to take singing lessons. 

One lesson led to eight years

Of weekly instruction.


Her voice,

Almost a whisper in the beginning,

Became an angelic sound,

I could listen to every day. 


In high school,

Her love of drama,

Gave her the courage to audition for the spring production.


She dug deep,

Suffered her first and only panic attack,

And consequently,

Landed the role of Bloody Mary in the musical, South Pacific.                                 


Rehearsals took over her time.Image

She loved every minute.

She was involved,

She was passionate,

She was incredibly happy.


The first performance,

We were seated

In the front row,

Anxiously, waiting to see

Her become Bloody Mary.    


When the show began,

The energy expelled by the young actors was contagious.

The first scene was enjoyed by all.


Then she entered.

Her character; bold, outspoken, loud and crass,

Took over the stage. 

The audience was mesmerized. 


I shrunk down in my chair.

My hand over my mouth.

She was incredibly talented.

She stole the scene. 


My child so shy and introverted.

Was on stage,

Big and strong and confident. 

I watched through teary lenses. 


I was entranced the entire show.

I grew prouder by the second.

Then she sang.

A solo.

Front and centre stage.


Her voice…

Silenced the audience from the first note.

She was brilliant. 


She had found her niche. 

Snow White had grown up.

She owned this. 

She did this without me. 

It was beginning.

Snow White would leave me soon.

She had found her passion

And she had the drive to pursue it. 

I was so excited for her future. 


Presently, in her last year

Of college,

She is rehearsing daily again. 

Her graduating class,

Is working on their production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle.

This talented group of actors,

Would love a full house,

To showcase their talents.


I will be there,

In the front row,

Proudly watching

My little Snow White.



About inevertoldher

I love my kids, my husband, my four cats and my sister...not necessarily in that order. Writing, singing (poorly but loudly) and laughing keep me happy. When I eat well, exercise and post daily...I am at my best.
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