The truth.



They told her without me there.

They knew I wanted to be with her.

I was in the waiting room.

I had just left her bedside.

I heard her scream.


I ran to her room.

The doctor was still in there.

He had just told her about her babe.

He had not waited for anyone else.

She was all alone.


They told her

The baby’s face was distorted.

There was nothing wrong with her face.

She was beautiful.

She looked just like her.


“Her legs are twisted?”

Yes, it is called club feet.

“She has no pulmonary artery?”

Yes, that’s right.

“She is dying?”

Yes, it is fatal.

“I want to go and see her.”

Yes, let’s go see her.


She didn’t cry.

She sat looking up at the incubator.

Her eyes slowly covered every inch of her baby.

She put her hand inside the incubator,

Needing to touch her fragile child.


For the first time

Since her birth,

Her baby responded.

Her tiny hand clenched her mommy’s finger.


I will never forget that moment.

The instant connection

Between babe and Mom.

Their bond was tangible,

Measurable, and miraculous.


I was forever changed.



About inevertoldher

I love my kids, my husband, my four cats and my sister...not necessarily in that order. Writing, singing (poorly but loudly) and laughing keep me happy. When I eat well, exercise and post daily...I am at my best.
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3 Responses to The truth.

  1. Liesl Garner says:

    Oh my word. I’m reading back through your entries to The Birth, and everything since, through tears. I want to know what happens. I want to hug you both!

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