Saying goodbye for the last time.

Wise Mom.

Wise Mom.

In the depths of her darkness,

People surrounded her.

Eyes watched her.

Sorrowful faces

Looked back at her,

Shed tears on her,

Held on to her,

As if

Expecting her

To hold them up.

They continued,

To want information.

Some even gave advice.


I watched her.

And listened.

She appeared so strong.

Yet, just as her heart

Started to mend,

It was again shattered.

And I was worried.

The mourners sat.

The service began.

How would she say goodbye?

We clasped hands

As the Minister spoke.

We clasped hands

As others spoke.

We clasped hands

As letters were read.

We clasped hands,

As we watched

Photos of her babe

Flash on the screen

To Louis Armstrong’s

What a Wonderful World.”

At the cemetery,

Again surrounded

By family and friends,

We watched

As her child

Was laid to rest.

They watched

As we clasped hands,

Then bodies,

And cried from our souls.

As intimate as birth,

But with an audience,

We buried her child.

Our deepest emotions,


For all to see.

Strangely, the sun shone.

The wind blew.

Even the birds sang…

Despite our

Gutwrenching sorrow.


About inevertoldher

I love my kids, my husband, my four cats and my sister...not necessarily in that order. Writing, singing (poorly but loudly) and laughing keep me happy. When I eat well, exercise and post daily...I am at my best.
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