Was this the cherry that would break her for good?

She wanted to have a party, 
For her fiftieth birthday.
The morning of her party,
She accidentally 
Stepped off the deck.
She broke both her knees. 


I saw her step down. 
It was non-climatic. 
But, it hurt. 
I saw the pain in her face.  
Her right knee 
Required surgery.
She wore a brace, 
On the left.
She was unable to walk. 
Couldn’t get into a vehicle. 
No weight bearing, 
For a minimum 
Of ten weeks. 
She couldn’t come home.

She could not come home.

She spent, 
The entire summer, 
In the hospital.
The doctors, 
Diagnosed osteoporosis.
A side effect,
Of the steroids, 
She had been taking
To treat, 
Crohns disease.
The same medication
That had almost killed her, 
Four years ago.
Now, had caused her bones,
To be so brittle,
She broke both her knees. 
She was fifty years old. 
I was afraid.
How much can she take? 
I was afraid
She would just… snap
Our brains, 
Can only deal, 
With so much. 
She had already lost, 
Her beloved child. 
Now this?
Would it never end?  
I knew I needed, 
To help her stay positive. 
I visited her every day. 
I took her food. 
I kept her company.
She and I planned, 
Our Nana’s, 
One hundredth birthday party. 
She travelled via a wheelchair accessible bus.
I took her for walks,
Just to get her outside.
I pushed her to restaurants.
Desperate to leave the ward, 
She went to a restaurant,
With her broken legs,
Out in front of her,
A catheter bag hanging below her.
She stayed sane.
She healed.
She could walk again.
She was able to return to her home. 
The Doctor’s
Gave her the green light
To go back to work. 
She was so happy. 
I was amazed
At her resiliency. 
She was elated
To be getting her life back.
Two days, 
Before returning to work,
Her boss came to HER home,
And fired her.
They had made her position,
She cried and cried and cried. 
She was inconsolable. 
She loved her job.
She loved her clients. 
Zapped her self-confidence.
Crushed her faith.
Broke her heart.
Hurt her feelings.
Right out of her, 
The only reason 
She had left, 
To get out of bed, 
Every morning.
They did not care,
About her at all. 
She was humiliated,
Because she believed they did. 
Her recovery focus, 
Was all about, 
Getting back to her job.
She had worked so hard. 

She was out of work,

For an entire year. 

She applied, 
For hundreds of jobs. 
She took more college courses. 
The depression,
Snuck in quietly, 
But, inevitably. 
I became enraged, 
As I saw her losing the battle.

‘No.  No. No.’

I would not,

Let this company, 

Take any more from her.

She had survived so much already.



I needed to do something. 

I had to push her…hard. 
I was scared.
I wasn’t sure if it would work,
I wasn’t sure if it was right. 
I called her lazy. 
I bossed her. 
I was cold. 
I was not empathetic.
I was pushy. 
She was mad…so mad. 
Then she was sad…so sad.
She was broken. 
I had broke her. 
What had I done?
No contact.
It was deafening.
Finally, she called.                                                   
She let me, 
Persuade her.
I could breathe again. 
She found, 
Even more strength,
She prevailed. 
She had healed.
Mentally and emotionally,
She was born again. 

She became employed. 

She felt,
Valued and respected. 
Her days, 
Had purpose, 
Once again. 
She is amazing.  
Simply.  Amazing.

About inevertoldher

I love my kids, my husband, my four cats and my sister...not necessarily in that order. Writing, singing (poorly but loudly) and laughing keep me happy. When I eat well, exercise and post daily...I am at my best.
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