My kitties. (I had to write this. It was expected.)




He brought him home,

For our daughter.

A cute, little kitten,

For a four year old girl.


As he grew,

She grew terrifed of him.

Max sensed that fear,

And thrived on it.


Max would block her path,

She would be too afraid to pass,

He would scrunch down,

Wiggle his bum

Preparing to lunge,

She would scream,

Wave her hands,

“No Max! No!”



He would jump 

Right at her,

Knocking her down

And often

Leaving a bite knibble

On her stomach.  


For the sake 

Of peaceful harmony,

Max, spent lots of time

In the laundry room 

In those days.


Time changed,

The tumultuous, 


They became,



In a time,

Of pain and heartbreak


Took over my logic.


A family of stray kittens,

Played in the parking lot,

The kids ‘ooohed’ and ‘ahhhed’.

“Open the door,

If that kitty gets in,

We can keep him.”


Life snapshot moment.

The look on my kids’ faces.

They couldn’t believe, 

The words came from me.



As he came to be known

Hopped right in,

Lay down in the back,

Curled up and slept.


After an adjustment period,

It came to be known

How lonely Max had been.

Two cats are better than one.


Sadly, Max died.

He was twelve. 

We were sad,

Mojo, was angry.


A bit of joy,

Left Mojo’s personality,

He separated from us,

He blamed us.



Was the make-up kitten.

We chose him 

From a litter

Of unwanted kitties.



Was a hard sell.

Leroy had work to do.

Turns out,

Leroy was incredibly smart,

He let Mojo,

Become his teacher,




Bonded with us

Like no other cat before him.

He played fetch

He spoke

He told us things

He wanted our attention

He was my protector

And side kick.


Mojo and Leroy

Became harmonious

But never quite like

Mojo and Max.  


They hunt together

And slept together

Leroy gave us the love

Mojo still denied us.


In an attempt

To brighten one Christmas

We rescued kitty #3.

Yoda joined the family.  


His odd little features

And innocent face

Brought us joy

When we needed it.


Mojo quit.

He had no interest 

In Yoda

It was crystal clear,

He was not happy.


Leroy was unsure

But took over 

Being Yoda’s teacher

He taught him cat stuff

The human volunteers 

At the SPCA

Could not.


Leroy and Yoda played

Mojo watched 

Much like Garfield 

Was depicted watching Odie.


When you are known

As cat lovers

You get called on a lot

To rescue the unplanned.


Albus Dumbledore,

The Greatest Sorcerer of all Times…

(No geeks here)

Brought our fur family to four. 


Poor Mojo,

We thought he might run away

But he submitted 

To being a part

Of a large family.


He protected Albus outdoors,

He told me when the food was gone

To freshen the water

When someone needed let in.  


Every night

The neighbour’s are forced

To tolerate the roll call:

“Mojo, Leroy, Yoda and Albus”

And they all return 

In the exact opposite order.  


Seriously, four cats is a lot.

I maintain, two is perfect.

But here we are

The crazy cat family

Loving every antic

Cuddle, purr

And playtime.  


(And yes, Bob,

All of the cats have been neutered.  

I bid $550 Bob.)  



About inevertoldher

I love my kids, my husband, my four cats and my sister...not necessarily in that order. Writing, singing (poorly but loudly) and laughing keep me happy. When I eat well, exercise and post daily...I am at my best.
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