Spring Cleaning At -17 Degrees!



Where does the dirt come from?  I have worn out this saying.  I am always shocked to see that cobweb swinging in the air or that dust bunny bounce and twirl across the floor.  Seriously, where does it come from.  Pretty sure neither the spider nor the easter bunny have anything to do with it.  *sigh*


Life is dirty. Clean it up.  


Project spring cleaning is under way at my house.  The recent renovations to the bathroom have accelerated the need to get started on time this year.  Dry wall dust is like magic.  It makes things appear like cobwebs and dust bunnies.  So, even though it is still very much winter outside with the snow and minus temperatures…it is spring inside my bedroom.

The curtains down *cough, cough* and in the washer allowed the beautiful sunshine to brighten the entire room.  The sunshine is magical like the dry wall dust as it also makes things appear.  A lovely dusting of dust covered…well, everything.  Vacuum, dust cloth and windex in hand I battled away in the war against dust.  

My room is full of treasures.  My reward for cleaning is revisiting these cherished items and being transported back to the time of their choosing.  Two Gund bears sit propped together on my bookshelf.  A gift from Mike when I was in college.  Children and young people in love cherish these stuffed gifts.  I know I will keep these forever.  I can see our younger versions laughing together when I hold them.  

Books.  A very full bookcase holding my favourite books.  I happily hum away as I clean around them.  Books are forever gifts from friends, family and even myself.  

That one I read to Mom in the hospital.  Those were purchased for the trip to Mexico.  Some were found at yard sales.  Others were mandatory reads for university english courses.  Just touching them, takes me to the place I read them and to the feelings I had at the time I read them.  My friend once said, ‘you will never be bored if you have learned to love reading.’  She was wise.  

Seven figurines stand on the shelf.  They each represent a letter.  Together they spell, SISTERS.  She knew I didn’t like knick knacks but couldn’t resist giving this to me.  I do love it.  I smile for the love I have for her each time I look at them.  

Treasured Memories figurines are the only other knick knacks I keep.  They each represent an important moment of my life as they are intended to do.  The graduate, the engagement, the wedding, Mom and bride, first anniversary, expecting, first baby, second baby.  I love them.  

Photographs.  The 2012 collage of all things fun!  On our friend’s boat, trip to Ottawa, fishing, the cottage, the pool, the kids, the cats…family and fun.  

AJ at two in a Halloween costume, then and now of my son and husband look alike poses, my constant friend and I, a very young Mike and I, Mom and B…dusted and glass cleaned, they once again join the books in the bookcase.  

I keep special cards.  I have always been touch by the unexpected small gifts.  The card in the mail when it isn’t your birthday, the card of thanks when you didn’t know you did anything…they are the best.  I like to keep them and re-read them periodically.  I have great people in my life.  

Today I made Mike cry.  So you know, he is very sentimental and truthfully, it is easy to bring him to tears, but today I felt the same as he did.  I found a special container I have had for years.  Inside are all my kid’s teeth.  Ha!  I always forget I have kept them until I find them again.  Mike and I laughed when we looked inside the case.  Slightly gross but such a tangible reminder of how fast time has passed, we both became emotional.  Then we laughed some more because the teeth were so small they could be a chip from one of ours.  I can’t throw them out.  Imagine my adult children finding them one day!  They will be repulsed.  See just imagining that makes me want to keep them forever! *hee hee*

All done and said.  I didn’t just spring clean my bedroom, I also spring cleaned my grey matter.  I haven’t visited some of these memories in a long time.  So, let the cold temperatures continue…I am warm and toasty with all my lovely thoughts, swollen heart and clean room.  


What a great day.  








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I love my kids, my husband, my four cats and my sister...not necessarily in that order. Writing, singing (poorly but loudly) and laughing keep me happy. When I eat well, exercise and post daily...I am at my best.
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