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Parallel Lives

As my daughter crosses the stage to receive her college diploma… She sits at home recalling seven years have passed since she buried her babe. I successfully gain a new contract. I am excited at the prospect of my company … Continue reading

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Responsibility. The dying character.

  ‘Tis the season of paperwork; tallying, collecting, discarding and shredding. I work very hard at being organized and perhaps one day I will actually achieve that goal. As I gathered all the necessary documents required for income tax, I … Continue reading

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Celebrating Dad’s 80th birthday without him.

Tomorrow he will be eighty years old. When a parent grows old, You realise you have too. Relationships, Change with time. That’s life. Sometimes, Time evolves, And relationships, Roll with the changes. Sometimes They don’t. In order to spend time, … Continue reading

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Moving on with life. (When her daughter had lost hers)

Life goes on. That’s what they say. And they are right. Life does go on, But, Never as it did before. She went back to work. She was kind to people. She spent time with my kids. Spent time with my kids. … Continue reading

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The time had come.

“She’s not right,” She tells me. I ask for more details. “I don’t know exactly, But, My girl has gone downhill.”   May twenty-second, Two weeks after nearly dying herself… Her daughter died.   I was away. Her daughter died. … Continue reading

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The friendship.

When she came back into my life, It was a great welcoming. We had both grown up since college. We were both married. And we each had a child. She spoke highly of her husband. She loved her new babe. … Continue reading

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The labels.

Is that your Mom? It was never the question really…it was the look on her face.  You and your Mom can have a seat here. Can we? Well, thanks, but, she is NOT my mother!  We are four years apart!  … Continue reading

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